Our Story

United by Speed- Brothers Speed Shop is a Brisbane based fast house specialising in all aspects of custom vehicle building, online parts and apparel supply.

The result of a lifelong obsession with speed machines and automotive fabrication, Brothers Speed Shop is the trusted choice for those seeking a well engineered, hand built, street driven custom.

Our philosophy is quality over quantity, we like to focus on building customs and providing a fast door to door service through our online store. Project bookings are limited and by appointment.

We offer a growing range of products from leading companies to help with your build including components developed in-house. We are here for the end user. Check out the full range of parts available here

Don’t have a project in the build? No problem, browse the apparel line sourced from a collection of companies who are fueled by the lifestyle we live. 

Have a question? Shoot us a message and we will be happy to help.

Never Lift.