Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)
Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)
Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)
Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)
Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)
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Adjustable Watts-link Kit (Diff Mount)

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Street legal adjustable watts-link kit offers superior handling characteristics while keeping the rear end centred under the vehicle throughout the suspension travel making this kit perfect for air bagged vehicles with long travel, protouring and a host of other applications.

Key benefits:

  •  Keeps rear end centred through suspension travel
  •  Ideal for a range of applications including street and track 
  •  Suits airbagged custom vehicles 

Whats included:

  • 2 x heavy wall 1.25'' od CDS tube connecting rods with machined threaded bungs and fixed bush housing
  • 1 x 5mm laser cut mild steel wishbone and machined bush housing with threaded grease nipple all TIG welded
  • 1 x 6061 machined alluminium mounting plate with stainless steel mouting hardware
  •  High tensile steel UNF hardware with nyloc locking nuts
  •  Alluminium machined washers and back spacers
  •  2 x 1/2" Heim joints with jam nuts and interference spacers
  •  3 x BSS bush/ crush tube set

Note- chassis connecting brackets not included

Connecting Rod Lengths: 

When ordering please specify the length of the horizontal connecting rods you require. To determine this measurement- please see below guide.


This kit is universal and will fit most applications. 

Bubble Back Style Diff Housing- a bracket will be required to be installed between the BSS 6061 mounting plate and the diff housing. We do not offer this as an option at this stage due to so many variations in housing style/sizes. 

Check out our Standard Watts-Link kit for direct weld on application

Sheetmetal Diff Housings- we offer a threaded bung mounting set for all fabricated diff housings with a flat back. This kit can be purchased as an option in the drop down menu.


Guideline to Determine Connecting Rod Length:

  1. Measure distance between LHS inside chassis rail to RHS inside chassis rail- mark down your measurement.
  2. Divide this measurement by two- mark down both measurements.
  3. Subtract approx. 55mm from each length- you now have two equal connecting rod lengths.
  4. Provide the connecting rod lengths in the notes section of your order at the checkout- Your Done!

Watts-linkage Specification:

  • The Heim joint will allow for approx +/- 6mm of adjustment either side of the newly determined connecting rod length.
  • Using the above mentioned guideline allows for the wishbone to be clocked at approx. 75 degrees and will provide 20mm of clearance from the inside chassis rail to the outer edge of the connecting rod fixed bush housing.

Custom Applications:

We can supply oversized connecting rod lengths with machined threaded bung and Hiem joint seperate (not welded) - Please advise in the notes section.


This is intended as a guideline to determine connecting rod lengths. Factors to consider may be obstructions such as fuel lines, air lines and electrical wiring positioned on the inside chassis rails. In most cases these items can be re-positioned to accommodate the connecting rod chassis brackets. Assumptions are made that an experienced fabricator are completing the works.


Any questions, shoot us a message before placing your order-


Custom Order- Pls allow up to 5 working days for delivery of this product.

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