Slam Specialties RE-6
Slam Specialties RE-6
Slam Specialties RE-6
Slam Specialties RE-6
Slam Specialties

Slam Specialties RE-6

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SLAM SPECIALTIES air springs are technologically advanced in all areas of design and performance. Bolt pattern compatible with Firestone and other air springs

  • Rated at much higher pressures - critical for front end installations on heavy V8 vehicles
  • Non-ballooning, stiffer bellows ensure that more force is exerted through the centerline of the airspring to lift the vehicle straight up - this is an important feature of bellow design as the front control arms are at a "mechanically disadvantaged point" when the vehicle is lowered.
  • Superior end plate design to all other airsprings making it virtually impossible for separation to occur even when unrestrained at maximum pressure!
  • Unique internal bump stop prevents rubber bellow damage from constantly deflating airspring to zero pressure (see image below)

After years of experience installing different brands of airsprings to local and US origin vehicles we have found these airsprings to be the logical choice for front end installations.

PRO INSTALLERS NOTE: Once you have experienced the benefits of these airsprings you are unlikely to use anything else on the front (or rear) of your installations.

Slam Specialties RE-6 Specifications: 

(255C replacement)
Capacity per airspring @ 110psi = 2800lbs
Max operating pressure = 200psi
Minimum height = 2.8"
Installed height approx = 6.0"
Maximum height = 10.0"
Max usable stroke = 7.2"
Maximum diameter = 6.0"
Single 1/2" port
Built in bump stop

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